Congratulations Judge Fite Mgmt!

    • The agent did a good job selling my house. We got our check from Escrow here on Thursday March 17, 2016.
    • We all worked together with Angela to get them in their own house. Thanks to all !!! Good job waiting 5 mo until they were good to go.
    • Our House Warming gift to Angela will be FREE RENT for the ~1/2 month in April .
    • Can you take the JF management fee for April out of their deposit(~$80?).
    • Tell William it has been a good 37 years. He was tough and fair, which is what we needed to deal on our behalf with renters,suppliers etc.We have prayed for him in his troubles as a friend.
    • Over the 37 years I think I made $330,000 ( ~$160,000 in net rent, ~ $50,000 in tax savings, and ~$90,000 [$137,000 sales- $50,000 initial purchase price] in appreciation). This would be an average of ~$8,200 or 16% per year when all factors are considered.
    • You can tell your clients that renting your house is Not a bad investment!!

-John K.

Thank you so much for your hard work over the last several years serving as my property management team. I definitely will refer anyone with the same needs to your office and I shall return in the future if I am in need of such services.

Please feel free to use me as a reference for future clients that need reassurance as to what a wonderful job you guys will do.

-Jennifer T

Our trip back was wonderful, no rain, snow, sleet etc. only beautiful sunshine. That is definitely a plus for El Paso lots of sunshine. It was truly a pleasure meeting you.
You have provided excellent service. My only regret is that I should have involved you more and sooner to keep some of the problems at a minimum. I have learned a very valuable lesson.
Please provide us with a statement for his rent as it stands now for future purposes as our proof of his nonpayment.
Once again, thank you for everything. I will truly recommend you and your firm and when ready to sell, I will definitely call you.

-Joe S.

Thanks for doing this inspection and sending pictures. I’m extremely impressed with you guys.

-Biju V.

I want to thank your company for excellent service over the years. As a landlord in another state it has been a relief to know my property is well taken care of.

-Kathy P.

I have had 2 of my rentals with Century 21 Judge Fite for almost a year now. They were able to get them rented quickly with the many resources they have. When issues have arrived they get vendors out there in a timely fashion to help get those things taken care of as quickly as they can. I’m glad to have them managing them because it takes a lot of stress off of my shoulders.

-Michelle W.

I wanted to apologize for all the repairs we’ve had come up. I know it’s not on you, but you have to take the brunt of us reporting it, telling the landlord that the property is going to cost him more money, and then have a contractor come out for the actual repair.

I understand that it is your position, but we don’t like to be a bother. You have been a tremendous help, and we appreciate everything that you’ve done. It also helps a ton that you are personable, and we are glad you’re with Century 21 so we can work with you further (hopefully under better circumstances).

I know this was out of the blue, but people need to know that they are appreciated.

Have a great day!

-Justine L.

Okay, thank you. I appreciate the service Century 21 has provided as being 4 1/2 hours away from my property it is difficult to handle by myself. I miss my house though *:) happy. I have had tenants in there longer than I was in it. Good thing!

-Erin M.